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Save up to 30%* by registering at MIPCOM and/or MIPJunior before 31 July
*Compared to onsite price


€ 1,190





| Refund Conditions

We fully expect to hold a safe and enjoyable MIPCOM and MIPJunior in Cannes this October.
However, in the event of cancellation of MIPCOM and/or MIPJunior, or in the event of a government travel ban (France or your country), your registration fees will be refunded to you at 100% or the amount will be offered as a credit towards either the MIPCOM online event or MIPTV/MIPCOM/MIPJunior 2021.
All of our sales team remains available for any questions you may have.


€ 1,190

The World's Entertainment
Content Market


✔   MIPCOM Exhibition area and +1,000 exhibition companies

  Conferences and keynotes, including Fresh TV sessions, panels, summits

   World Premiere and market screenings

   Participants' and/or Buyers' Club

✔   Networking through our 13,500 contacts Online Database and receive some business recommendations

✔   Promote your company and your programmes through the Online Database or thanks to our dedicated advertising services

✔   Access to MIPCOM ONLINE+, a digital extension developed to prepare the event, meetings and access exclusive content




The pre-MIPCOM Kids Entertainment 
Content Market


✔   Access MIPJunior Conferences and all Official Events

✔   Apply and/or attend the MIPJunior pitching and Matchmaking sessions

   Access to the Screenings Library to submit and/or discover programmes and project

Addittional information on how to pourchase your credits for the Screenings Library. Learn More >

   Promote your company and your programmes through the Online Database or thanks to our dedicated advertising services

✔   Access to MIPCOM ONLINE+




Add MIPJunior to our MIPCOM pass and
have 6 full days of business opportunities


✔   All MIPCOM and MIPJunior benefits for 6 full days of business opportunities

















| First timer at MIPCOM ?

Are you a Producer or Student attending MIPCOM for the first time? 
We have special rates for you.

MIPJunior Access


Access the JW Marriott for conferences, showcases and networking events onsite, as well as digital tools to prepare your event beforehand.

Buyers and Commissioners

✔   You can screen programmes, projects and IPs in the MIPJunior Screenings Library.


With content spanning across all KIDS sub-genres and from all over the world, the MIPJunior Screenings Library is the unrivalled global platform to source and acquire the best youth-oriented programmes, projects and IPs.

The Screenings Library will still be available for 9 months after the show allowing you to catch up easily on the content you might have missed!

Producers, Sellers and IP owners

✔   You can submit programmes, projects and IPs to the Content submission platform.

+ Purchase your credits +

                                      Programme €220

Project or IP €65

After you register, you will still be able to purchase any additional programme
credits for the Content submission platform. Click through the upsell link included in your confirmation e-mail or by e-mailing.

| First timer at MIPJunior?

Is this your first time in Cannes attending MIPJunior?
We have special rates for you!

Key reasons to attend MIPCOM

Content Market

The world's largest exhibition of studios and distributors as well as leading broadcasting groups and digital platforms.

Exclusive screenings

The opportunity to discover the latest content from all over the world and/or to launch and promote your brand and your content.

Expert-Led Conferences

Sharpen the industry knowledge and explore new business models thanks to high-level speakers.

| Invaluable Connections

MIPCOM helps connect you to the people who matter… to you!

As of mid-July, complete your profile on the Online Database to make relevant, data-driven business connections.

Receive personalised online recommendations of people, programmes or projects, as well as preference-based matching sessions, so you can maximise your business opportunities at MIPCOM.