| Exhibit at MIPCOM│

| Virtual Exhibitor Page

| €2,000*

Book a dedicated virtual space on MIPCOM Online+ to promote
your brand & content and conduct your online meetings

*taxes excluded


✔  dedicated virtual space to promote your brand, showcase your content, and conduct your online business meetings
 Directly request meetings with buyers
 Showcase up to twenty video clips or trailers to highlight your content
  An outstanding conference programme: Global UPFRONTS, Market Screenings, Fresh TV, Conferences & Keynotes
✔  Month-long access to MIPCOM Online+ to help spur new content deals & partnerships with the MIPCOM community
  Digital Networking events with key players from the entertainment industry

│ Promote your brand and content

To get the most of MIPCOM ONLINE +:


--> FAQs 〉

MIPCOM 2020 goes 100% digital with MIPCOM Online+. Companies interested in promoting their brand and content have the possibility to book a Virtual Exhibitor Page on the online platfrom MIPCOM Online+. 

will be centred around the digital MIPCOM Week that occurs October 12-16, and will include extended features before and after the main market.

Before the market: MIPCOM Warm Up begins October 5 and offers early access for delegates & exhibitors to make the most of the MIPCOM digital marketplace.

After the market: MIPCOM Follow Up+ runs from October 17 to November 17.  Delegates and exhibitors can continue to conduct business through the MIPCOM Online+ interactive database tools and Virtual Exhibit Hub. 

Exhibitors can continue to conduct business through an enhanced database, allowing targeted networking and 1-to-1 video meetings with all registered delegates

Interested ? Get in contact now with our Sales team. 

| Partnership opportunities

MIPCOM offers the best platform to elevate your company’s brand awareness to the entire content community worldwide. Through MIPCOM’s comprehensive partnership packages, we’ll work together to create a strong, customized marketing and communications plan.
Three unique ways to position your message:

| Content focus: showcase your expertise on a conference panel and/or create a dedicated conference track

| Targeted Messaging: position your brand in front of the right audience

| Ultimate branding and promotion programme: Country of Honour

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