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16-19 October 2023
Palais des Festivals, Cannes

MIPCOM CANNES Diversify TV Awards

The awards ceremony will again be staged in the Grand Auditorium of the world-renowned Palais des Festivals in Cannes
and move in the programme to a new prominent position on day two of MIPCOM CANNES
on Tuesday 17 October from 12.00 to 13.00 followed by a cocktail lunch

Diversify TV Awards

Dedicated to championing and promoting diversity and inclusion in all its forms across the international television industry, the 7th edition of MIPCOM CANNES Diversify TV Awards will take place on-stage in Cannes during MIPCOM on Tuesday 17 October 2023!

MIPCOM CANNES Diversify TV Awards aim to bring attention to deserving programmes of diverse and inclusive background, spotlighting authentic new and established voices and recognising positive programming across the year that embraces excellent representation in exemplary shows.

Race and Ethnicity (scripted and unscripted)
Disability (scripted and unscripted)
LGBTQIA+ (scripted and unscripted)
KIDS all genres (pre-school and older children)
Behind-the-Scenes Impact Award

Diversify TV Awards Partners

The 7th Diversify TV Awards are organised by MIPCOM CANNES in collaboration with founding partner Diversify TV and in association with Founding Presenting Partner A+E Networks and Data Presenting Partner Gracenote. 2023 Awards Partners also include All3Media International, Iron Mountain, Telefilm Canada and The Canada Media Fund, OUTtv, The United Nations Media Compact, D.I.M.E.S., and Lightboat Media among other supporting partner companies and organisations. 











Media Mastermind Keynote
Diversity & Inclusion


CEO, EbonyLife Media

Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife Media, has made her mark through various endeavors in the corporate world; she has been described by Forbes as “Africa’s Most Successful Woman”. Abudu oversees EbonyLife Media, comprising EbonyLife Films and EbonyLife Studios, as well as the EbonyLife Creative Academy, a school aimed at accelerating filmmaking skills, and EbonyLife Place, Nigeria’s first luxury entertainment resort. She has produced several highest grossing blockbusters to include: Fifty, The Wedding Party, Your Excellency and Òlòtūré.


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Diversify TV Awards Finalists

Representation of Disability - Non-Scripted

Inside our Autistic Minds

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: BBC Two
Distributor: BBC Studios
Production Company(ies): BBC Studios
Short Synopsis: Chris Packham meets other autistic people from across the UNITED KINGDOM and teams them up with top filmmakers, animators and musicians to help them create short films to reveal to their family and friends what’s really going on inside their minds.
TRAILER: watch here
Password: IO4M!

The roads of Ae-rin and Woo-ryeong

South Korea

Original Broadcaster: KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)
Distributor: KBS Media
Production Company(ies): KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)
Short Synopsis: A story of two disabled women, who speak out to the world in different ways. 26-year-old Woo-ryeong, who can’t see but takes on the challenge of the disabled anchorperson exam. Ae-rin, who was born with brain lesions, started fighting for the rights of the disabled for the past 20 years. This is the story how they struggle to break free from the frame that society has been imposing on disabled people.
TRAILER: watch here
Password: !kbs#3621

Disability & Abortion: The Hardest Choice

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: Channel 4
Distributor: Banijay Rights
Production Company(ies): RFD Television and Hey Sonny co-production
Short Synopsis:  Is the law on abortion and disability fit for purpose? Actors Ruth Madeley and Ruben Reuter, both disabled, examine the complex ethical issues of terminations past 24 weeks.

Representation of Disability - Scripted

About Antoine


Original Broadcaster: Club illico, TVA
Distributor: Amuz Distribution
Production Company(ies): ComediHa!
Short Synopsis: About Antoine tells the story of Julie, who starts a new relationship and finds herself drawn into an unconventional family. She soon takes on the role of stepmom to her boyfriend’s two kids, including Antoine—a loveable teenager who happens to be physically disabled, intellectually challenged, autistic, non-verbal and epileptic.
TRAILER: watch here



Original Broadcaster: OCS
Distributor: France TV Distribution
Production Company(ies): Patafilm
Short Synopsis: Louison discovers that she is on the autism spectrum when her son Guilhem is diagnosed with autism. When a social investigation is opened to determine if she is able to keep custody of Guilhem, Louison decides to learn how to be “normal”.
TRAILER: watch here



Original Broadcaster: Movistar Plus+
Distributor: Beta Film
Production Company(ies): BBC Studios
Short Synopsis: Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Destrucción y Salvación
Short Synopsis: The needs and desires of four very special young women clash with the rules of a society that is giving them a chance – but can both sides keep their promises?
TRAILER: watch here

Representation of LGBTQIA+ Non-Scripted



Original Broadcaster: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Distributor: ABC Commercial
Production Company(ies): Guesswork Television
Short Synopsis: Award-winning comedian Zoë Coombs Marr reveals Australia’s hidden LGBTQIA+ histories in the landmark documentary series, Queerstralia. Across three episodes, Zoë uncovers gay diggers, lesbian convict gangs and trans pioneers, cross dressing bushrangers, legendary drag acts and the modern-day heroes who have fought for change and acceptance.
TRAILER: watch here

Lotus Sports Club


Original Broadcaster: TVK National Television of Cambodia
Distributor: Dutch CORE
Production Company(ies): Document Our History Now & RoCK
Short Synopsis: Filmed over five years in Cambodia, Lotus Sports Club is an inspiring coming-of-age story centred on Leak, a teenage trans man who plays football for the Kampong Chhnang women's under-21 team, and Pa Vann, the coach and father figure to Leak and other LGBTQ+ players on the team.
TRAILER: watch here

Naked Education

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: Channel 4
Distributor: All3Media International
Production Company(ies): Betty TV
Short Synopsis: Naked Education is a body-positive, educational series aiming to normalise all body types, champion people’s differences and break down stereotypes. The series allows people to ask questions that they have been too nervous to ask and gives others the space to bare all.
TRAILER: watch here

Representation of LGBTQIA+ Scripted

Nights in Tefía


Original Broadcaster: atresplayer
Short Synopsis: Tefía was a Franco camp to which those convicted by the law of vagranst and thugs were sent, among whom were also homosexuals. To survive that horror, the imagination of one of the prisioners created ‘El Tindaya’, a music hall. A documentary filmmaker’s investigation makes one of the prisioners remember his story.
TRAILER: watch here
Password: TEFIA_VENTAS_a3

About Sasha


Original Broadcaster: France tv slash & France 5
Distributor: France tv distribution
Production Company(ies): Jerico TV & Big Band Story
Short Synopsis: Sasha just arrived in a new high school. Mysterious and charismatic, she leaves a strong impression on anyone she meets. Until two weeks ago, Sasha was still considered a boy. Born with an intersex condition, she has now decided to embrace her female side. But her secret must remain hidden!
TRAILER: watch here

She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat


Original Broadcaster: NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Distributor: NHK Enterprises
Production Company(ies): NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)/MMJ/NHK ENTERPRISES
Short Synopsis: Nomoto lives alone, frustrated that she can’t exert her culinary talents. One day she discovers that her neighbor Kasuga is a hearty eater and the two women begin spending mealtimes together. Before long, Nomoto realizes she has feelings for Kasuga.... Based on the popular manga.
TRAILER: watch here

Representation of Race and Ethnicity - Non-Scripted

The Swap


Original Broadcaster: SBS Australia
Distributor: No
Production Company(ies): Southern Pictures
Short Synopsis: In a television first, this original series documents a bold new experiment as 12 students and families — from very different cultures, religions and backgrounds — are thrown into each other’s worlds.
TRAILER: watch here



Original Broadcaster: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Distributor: ABC Commercial
Production Company(ies): In Films
Short Synopsis: Folau is the critically acclaimed documentary about Australia’s most gifted and controversial athlete and how a social media post landed him at the heart of the culture wars. This series about rugby star Israel Folau is an unexpected in-depth exploration of queer and straight perspectives, from within the deeply religious diaspora communities of Tonga, Samoa and Fiji.
TRAILER: watch here

Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: BBC 2
Distributor: BBC Studios
Production Company(ies): BBC Studios
Short Synopsis: Public Enemy’s frontman Chuck D, leads a cast of Hip Hop luminaries and cultural commentators as they chart the factors that led to the birth of this revolutionary artform in 1970s New York and the inspiration for the seminal hit, The Message.
TRAILER: watch here
Password: ftpt

Representation of Race and Ethnicity - Scripted


United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: Amazon Prime Video and ITV
Distributor: Banijay Rights
Production Company(ies): Greenacre Films in association with Monumental Television
Short Synopsis: Stephen Richards, a self-made man, has built a cosmetics empire and become a strong advocate for Black-owned businesses. After he has a heart attack, there is a fight for control over his empire. His family's secrets come to the forefront, and the lives of his children and wives from his two marriages begin to collide.

Little Bird


Original Broadcaster: Bell Media and APTN
Distributor: Fremantle
Production Company(ies): Rezolution Pictures, OP Little Bird
Short Synopsis: Inspired by true events, this compelling six-part series follows the story of Indigenous woman Bezhig Little Bird on a journey to find her birth family, and uncover the hidden truth of her past.
TRAILER:  watch here

Sam - A Saxon


Original Broadcaster: Disney+
Distributor: Disney
Production Company(ies): Big Window Productions, part of UFA Fiction (a Fremantle company)
Short Synopsis: Based on the true story of Samuel 'Sam' Njankouo Meffire, Sam - A Saxon explores the reality of East Germany's first Black police officer in the 1980s.
TRAILER: watch here

Representation of Diversity in Kids Programming - Older Children

Phoenix Rise

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: BBC iPlayer
Distributor: Sinking Ship
Production Company(ies): BBC Studios Kids & Family
Short Synopsis: Phoenix Rise is a bold new school drama for teenage audiences following a band of six misfit heroes as they take their first tentative steps back into mainstream education.

Supa Team 4

South Africa

Original Broadcaster: Netflix
Distributor: Netflix
Production Company(ies): Triggerfish Animation Studios & Cake Entertainment
Short Synopsis: Four teens just trying to survive secondary school when an ex-spy recruits them for her superhero team. Their newest assignment? Saving the world.
TRAILER: watch here



Original Broadcaster: Apple TV+
Distributor: Apple TV+
Production Company(ies): Sinking Ship Entertainment, Sesame Workshop
Short Synopsis: Chaos and classic literary characters are unleashed into the real-world by ghosts with unfinished business. Stolen treasures, secret tunnels and magical mysteries challenge our heroes in this exciting live-action/CGI hybrid series.
TRAILER: watch here

Representation of Diversity in Kids Programming - Pre-School

Dog Squad

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: BBC
Production Company(ies): Hello Halo Kids for BBC
Short Synopsis: Dog Squad follows the adventures of five real-life superhero working dogs - Guide dog Kika; hearing dog, Diesel; search and rescue dog Meagaidh; therapy dog Sylvie and Tinks, a disability assistance dog - as they use their "superpowers" to help their owners complete important missions.  
watch here

Reu and Harper's Wonder World

United Kingdom

Original Broadcaster: Channel 5 (UNITED KINGDOM)
Distributor: Channel 5 and Doc Hearts Ltd
Production Company(ies): Doc Hearts Ltd
Short Synopsis: Reu and Harper go on playdates with children from the UK to learn about their families and heritage.  
TRAILER: watch here

Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes


Original Broadcaster: Disney Jr and Disney+
Distributor: eOne
Production Company(ies): Frog Box, Disney EMEA, France Televisions, Triggerfish Animation Studio
Short Synopsis: Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes follows the high-action adventures of dance and martial arts-loving Kiya, and her best friends Motsie and Jay. Together, with their crystal charged powers, they are superheroes in the southern-African inspired Kimoja City, shining bright to make things right until joy and harmony are restored.
TRAILER: watch here
Password: Hasbro2023

Behind the Scenes Impact Award

Debora Williams
Chief Executive Officer, Creative Diversity Network, UK

Deborah Williams’ work as a disabled artist has spanned work in front of and behind the scenes, in television, film and theatre and as the architect of influential policies across the wider creative industries; including advising the UN and UNICEF on the rights of disabled people within cultural activities and drawing up the British Film Institute (BFI)’s diversity standards, which have since adopted widely by organisations including BAFTA and AMPAS. As CEO of the UK’s CDN, Williams has led the non-profit broadcaster-funded organisation to support the country’s television industry in promoting, celebrating and sharing best practice around diversity since 2016. 

Diversify TV Awards - Host


MC/Moderator, Moderate The Panel LLC


Femi Oke has leveraged her ability to ask endless questions at school into a surprisingly rich and non-linear career. The British-Nigerian journalist is an international journalist and broadcaster, professional facilitator and cofounder of Moderate The Panel, an organization working to make live events more engaging.

Diversify TV Awards Jury Members

All programmes submitted to the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards will be short-listed by members of the MIP Markets’ Diversity Advisory Board, comprised of leading professionals committed to diversity and inclusion in the global media landscape. MIPCOM thanks them all for their ongoing support and guidance to this programme.

Advisory Board Members

Sahar Baghery, Head of Content, Amazon, France;
David Levine, Founder/Director/Producer, Lightboat Media, UK;
Mounia Aram, President, Mounia Aram Company, France;
Sallyan Keizer, Managing Director, Sixth Sense Media, UK

Bunmi Akintonwa, CEO, Little Black Book Company, UK;
Mark Garner, EVP + Head of Global FAST, A+E Networks, USA;
Nick Smith, EVP Formats and Licensing, All3Media International, USA;
David Cornwall, Managing Director, Scorpion TV, UK

Industry Experts

Patrick Connolly, Media Consultant, PJC Media Consultancy, UK; Sithembiso Mphele, Executive Producer, Tshimologong, South Africa; Fathima Beckmann, Global Inclusion Strategic Thought Leader, Spain; Mbuotidem Johnson, CEO / Producer, Basement Animation, Nigeria; Betty Sulty Johnson, VP Global Sales and Coproduction, Trace Studios, France

Antony Haynes, Creative Director / Co-Founder / EP, 4Mat Factory / DIMES, Netherlands;
Cédric Petitpas, Head of Family/Learning Content Partnerships UK & Ireland, YouTube, UK;
Francis Brown, Creative Director, ANIMAXFYB Studios, Ghana;
Andre Renaud, SVP Global Format Sales, BBC Studios, UK;
Ana Celia Ortiz Urquidi, Executive Producer, ATENEA MEDIA, Mexico 

Wincie Knight, VP / Global Inclusion Strategy, ViacomCBS Networks International, EMEA, UK;
Courtney Arumugam, Executive Producer, LEGO, UK;
Ana Bond, SVP & MD Latin America & US Hispanic Original Production, Sony Pictures, USA;
Shabnam Rezaei, Co-Founder, Big Bad Boo Studios, Canada;
Deborah Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Diversity Network, UK

Tshepo Moche, Writer / Director / Company Partner, Play Nice Pictures, South Africa; 
Coty Cagliolo, Head of Production in Latin America, Fremantle Mexico, Mexico;
Bruna Capozzoli, Creator & Digital Strategist, UK;
Aidy Smith, Producer & Presenter, The Three Drinkers Productions, UK;
Zuelika Brown, Series Editor, UK


Awarded projects will be chosen by the following charitable organisations and specialised publications that campaign for equality and inclusion. Awarded programmes will also show originality and excellence in terms of storytelling, casting and production values.