Networking & Matchmaking

Networking in the television and media industry

Turn every moment into an opportunity. Global Networking has never been easier.

MIPCOM is the go-to place to forge, enrich and strengthen your business relationships. Creating, and maintaining, a professional network—whether you’re a distributor, producer, buyer or commissioner—is key to successfully running an international business in a highly competitive environment.

Networking at MIPCOM has never been easier! Alongside a series of curated networking events, all delegates have access to a personalised digital portal that helps you promote yourself and your company, browse through attending participants and companies, and review the full conference programme.

On top of that, the online database also facilitates matchmaking at MIPCOM by suggesting tailored recommendations of participants that match your business interest. With MIPCOM as a premier platform, you have the opportunity to connect with top global executives and maintain the quality of those connections. Before During and after the Market.

MIPCOM 2020 Networking Opportunities

Before the Market

The first and essential step to increase your visibility within the global media industry. Upon registration to the market, take 2 minutes of your time to tell us who you are and what you are looking for. An enhanced online database will allow you to filter participants based on your business objectives.

During the Market

Live your MIPCOM. Plenty of business opportunities onsite. Networking and tailored made matchmaking events. 

After the Market


Keep on exploring the MIPCOM Database and connect with your peers.


MIPCOM 11 - 14 Oct. 2021

MIPJunior 9 - 10 Oct. 2021

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