MIPCOM - The world’s entertainment content market
11-14 October 2021

Networking in the Television Industry

Digital MIPCOM: introducing a powerful lead generation, marketing and discovery tool

The digital extension to the physical market in Cannes

MIPCOM and its digital extension, are the go-to place to forge, enrich and strengthen your business relationships. Creating, and maintaining, a professional network is key to successfully running an international business in a highly competitive environment. MIPCOM DIGITAL PASS IS INCLUDED WITHIN THE PRICE OF ANY PHYSICAL REGISTRATION AND IT IS OPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER 30.

Digital MIPCOM is a true online complement extending the reach of the physical market in Cannes direct to any device anytime.

Login to the Digital MIPCOM platform before, during and after the market to promote your presence, make connections, discover and showcase content, and generate leads. This powerful digital extension allows the global television community to maximise their show experience and connect with thousands of distributors, producers, buyers and creators from 100 countries.

Access is now open and available throughout November. Register today and start using the MIPCOM digital extension!

Register early to Digital MIPCOM to get started

Beginning with MIPCOM 2021, all MIP markets will now come with a dedicated digital extension to enhance your on-site show experience. Digital MIPCOM is designed for everyone coming to Cannes and for all those unable to join us this year in person. MIPCOM DIGITAL PASS IS INCLUDED WITHIN THE PRICE OF ANY PHYSICAL REGISTRATION

Programme Sellers and Producers

Use the exclusive marketing engine to promote new programmes and projects to generate qualified leads and accelerate sales with the world’s biggest community of buyers and commissioners. Benfit from a branded company page, premium visibility and qualified lead generation.

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Programme Buyers and Commissioners

Access the platform to discover the freshest new programmes and projects being launched at MIPCOM by the world’s major studios, producers and distributors. Browse a premium content directory via advanced search and filters,  including video, photos details and more!

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For all registered delegates to the platform

Before, during and after the market! Login to Digital MIPCOM to see who’s attending, curated content showcase & screenings (including catach up from Cannes' main sessions), gain insights and discover what’s new and trending in television, production and streaming entertainment from across the globe.

Your Journey through the Digital MIPCOM platform


Starting in July

✔ Prepare your MIPCOM 2021. Get your logins & tutorial to help you connect

✔ Create your programme & project pages to promote your fresh content

✔ Network & discover executives you may want to meet during the live event

✔ Build your personal wishlist by selecting participants to meet, sessions & programmes and projects


September until the Market (11-14 Oct.)

✔ Your fresh programmes & projects will be showcased to the MIPCOM community with new marketing pushes every week

✔ Discover the qualified leads generated by views of your programme & project videos

✔ Prepare your market with access to exclusive content trends & analysis

✔ Get inspired by Cannes’ key conferences & content showcases on-demand


15 October to end November

✔ Continue exploring the directory to network with contacts you did not have time to meet

✔ Continue browsing the content directory to catch up with the feshest programmes & projects

✔ Catch-up with Warm-Up & Live sessions and reports

✔ Enjoy market insights, articles, whitepapers and interviews


MIPCOM & MIPJunior return to Cannes



11-14 October 2021

Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Networking & Connections - How to?

Connections and meetings are a core element of your successful event experience. We’ve made it as easy as possible to help you complete your calendar with qualified meetings, connect with global executives and maintain the quality of those connections. 

Browse the directories

Every year, new TV executives take part in their first MIPCOM. Take the opportunity to meet new contacts, build and refresh your network. Take advantage of our advanced search and filter tools to discover MIP buyers, distributors and producers from over 100 countries and much more!

Chat & messaging tool

Digital MIPCOM has integrated a state-of-the art chat & messaging tool. Contact anyone on the platform with this easy to use tool. All conversations are stored, get access to your previous communications whenever you need. 

Digital MIPCOM for Buyers & Commissioners

Make connections and discover detailed information about the freshest new programmes and projects in the TV industry. Connect regularly to discover the freshest new content & most screened programmes on the platform. MIPCOM DIGITAL PASS IS INCLUDED WITHIN THE PRICE OF ANY PHYSICAL REGISTRATION

Screen and Connect

Use the advanced search filters in the content directory to help you discover new programmes and projects from every genre from around the world! Join the MIPCOM participant and company directory to connect and network with new business partners.

Weekly Curation by GLANCE

MIP provides an exclusive weekly curation made by Glance & MIP partners' market trends so you can find fresh content that meets your editorial needs.

Digital MIPCOM for Sellers & Producers

Make connections and promote your freshest content via our content directory, featuring videos, pictures, details and much more! Connect regularly to the platform, update your information and access real-time inbound lead generation reports. 

Promote Your Content

Extend the reach of your company and promote up to 9 programmes and projects depending on your package. Upload videos, pictures and details for each of them. Your content will be highlighted on your company page and on the content directory.

Inbound Lead Generation

Generate new qualified leds through a detailed inbound lead generation report available for download in real-time. New leads contacts are generated everytime someone play your videos and/or get in contact via the main call to action.

Networking in the Television Industry

Networking at MIPCOM, on-site and via the new digital platform, has never been easier! Alongside the physical market, all delegates have access to a new powerful lead generation, marketing and discovery tool that helps you promote yourself and your company, browse through attending participants and companies, discover the freshest content and review the full conference programme.

With MIPCOM and Digital MIPCOM as premier platforms, you have the opportunity to connect with top global executives and maintain the quality of those connections. Before, During and after the Market.



Stay connected year round to the global mip community

This December we will introduce OneMIP – a new year-round online networking and marketing platform for the MIP global television community to connect and do business 365.

All MIPCOM delegates registered on the Digital MIPCOM platform will be invited to enjoy free OneMIP trial subscription through MIPTV 2022.