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MIPCOM 2020 turns into a 100% digital experience. 
Discover a serie of info to prepare and get the most of your MIPCOM Online+ experience

Get the most of MIPCOM Online +


1. Edit your profile

2. Connect with qualified attendees

3. Send your first meeting requests

4. Answer your first meeting requests


1. Join scheduled virtual meetings | you can share the link with your colleagues in case of mutual meetings

2. Chat with attendees directly on the application

3. Access conference session


1. Continue to chat with your new contacts

2. Export your meeting list and reports incl. generated leads


| MIPCOM Online+

The digital edition of the World’s Entertainment Content Market

1 to 1 video calls & chat - enhanced online database - outstanding conference programme - Virutal Exhibitor Pages and much more!

05 October - 17 November 2020
From €250



User Guide

Follow the steps to fill out your profile and optimize your experience

Virtual Exhibitor Page

Add a profile image, fill out your summary and select your preferences


To get the most out of MIPCOM Online+ consult our FAQ

When and where?

digital MIPCOM Week  -  From 12 to 16 October 2020


Update your Profile and Discover the line-up from 16 September 2020

Warm Up week - from 5 to 9 October 2020

Follow Up - from 19 October to 17 November 2020


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Need specific information?

Contact your dedicated sales representative

VISITORS: write to Matthew Rosenstein 
EXHIBITORS: write to Silvia Ferreira
BUYERS: write to Yi-Ping Gérard



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