MIPCOM Digital
16-19 October 2023
Palais des Festivals, Cannes

Digital Content Library - digital screenings

The MIPCOM Digital Content Library will open for Buyers soon. Stay tuned!

ONLY Exhibitors can purchase extra credits via the company hub in the E-SHOP. For further help, read the Exhibitor User Guide.

ONLY buyers can screen content.

I am an exhibitor

Step 1

Only Exhibitors can buy extra content credits in the company hub e-SHOP

Step 2

Upload your content via your company hub anytime


Step 3*

Go to the top right menu under your name and click on “lead report” to find out who is watching your content

Step 4*

Each time a buyer watch your content online you will receive a lead to organize meetings

* Step 3 and Step 4 will go live by mid-September

I am a buyer

The MIPCOM Digital Content Library will open soon. Stay tuned!

Step 1

Log in to the MIPCOM Screenings Library with the same ID & Password as for MIPCOM Digital Platform

Step 2

Browse programmes & projects to prepare your playlist until 13 Oct

Step 3

As of 13 Oct, screen content online and send messages to sellers to schedule meetings during and after the market

Step 4

Keep screening content until 15 Nov and access all your reports until last day

Need further assistance?

Check out our step-by-step user guides or get in touch with our team by filling out the Helpdesk Form.