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  • The Streaming Offensive

    MIPCOM Conference Theme

    The long awaited strike back has arrived. Media giants, now bigger than ever, are organised and ready to unleash their direct-to-consumer offensive. The highly anticipated new SVOD and AVOD streaming platforms are about to shake-up the global distribution model once again.

    A fundamental transformation of the content production and licensing ecosystem translating into major streamlining of organisations and business models; new opportunities for technology partners to respond to the insatiable demand for faster content delivery, and richer sound and video experiences; and the never-ending quest for signature programming, top talent and premium IP.
    Brace yourself and get prepared for the massive shake-up!

  • MIPCOM Conference Programme

    4 days to meet all your business needs. Special features include:

  • Keynote Speakers

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  • James FARRELL

    James Farrell

    As Head of International Originals, James Farrell oversees the development and production of all original series and features under the Amazon Studios banner outside the United States. Throughout his keynote (joined by other international programming and development executives from Amazon Studios) he will discuss the company’s global vision with a special focus on Europe.

    Hear about Amazon Studios growing ambition as well as its increased local production around the world.

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  • Farhad Massoudi

    Farhad Massoudi is the founder and CEO of Tubi, the world’s largest ad-supported video on demand service with over 15,000 movies and television shows from over 200 content partners and over 20 million monthly active users. In a joint keynote with Adam Lewinson, Tubi’s Chief Content Officer, he will put the spotlight on the rapid growth of ad-supported video on demand worldwide.

    Do not miss this Media Mastermind Keynote titled: “AVOD: The Rise Of Free”.
    Hear about Amazon Studios growing ambition as well as its increased local production around the world.

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    Farhad Massoudi
  • Adam Lewinson

    Adam Lewinson

    As Chief Content Officer of TUBI, Adam Lewinson is responsible for content strategy and acquisitions for Tubi, the largest free movie and TV streaming service. Lewinson heads up Tubi’s Los Angeles office where he manages one of the largest libraries in streaming (larger than Netflix) and oversees more than 200 content partners including Lionsgate, Paramount and MGM.

    A not to be missed joint Media Mastermind Keynote with Farhad Massoudi, Tubi’s Founder and CEO, titled: “AVOD: The Rise Of Free”.

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  • Kay Madati

    In his role as Global Vice President and Head of Content Partnerships at Twitter, Kay Madati is responsible for driving partnerships with media and content publishers across all categories and delivering strategies that extend, scale, market, and monetize their content and programming initiatives across Twitter. Joined by top media executives and talent he will discuss some of Twitter’s most successful partnership to date.

    Join this worth attending Media Mastermind Keynote titled:"The Past, Present And Future Of Twitter's Content Partnerships".

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    Kay Madati
  • 4K-8K / Ultra HD

    Cutting-edge technology

    MIP’s comprehensive programme track on the latest 4K-8K/UHD technology is back at MIPCOM! This dynamic session will feature inspiring talks, useful data, and an exclusive 4K-8K-UHD content screening.

    Participants will also be able to screen a collection of extraordinary 8K-UHD footage in dedicated state-of-the-art theatres.


    MIPCOM Conferences - Hampton, Miranda Byrant

    MIPCOM’s annual thought-leadership and networking lunch gathers the world’s most influential women shaping the future of TV and entertainment.

    dream hampton, Showrunner and Executive Producer of “Surviving R. Kelly”, and Brie Miranda Bryant, Executive Producer/SVP Unscripted Programming & Development, Lifetime, will discuss their careers in the entertainment business from the perspective of African-American women, their challenges to serve women’s causes, specifically more marginalised communities, and the impact of the #metoo movement.

    In Partnership with A+E Networks and The Hollywood Reporter.
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