MIPCOM access and badge collection

Please wear your MIPCOM badge at all times.

  • This year there will be several changes in security for MIPCOM and access to the Palais des festivals. Here are details and some useful practical information to ensure a safe and smooth experience for all MIPCOM 2016 delegates in Cannes:

    The security perimeter surrounding the exhibition venue and halls, which includes the Palais des Festivals conference, screening and event venues, has been expanded.

    Access within the MIPCOM perimeter and to MIPCOM official events is reserved for badge holders. Please remember that your badge is personal and must not be shared with or given to anyone else.

    Other key points:

    1. You must access the MIPCOM zone through Security Checkpoints at various locations on the perimeter. Please take a look at the Palais map on this document.

    2. At these Security Checkpoints,

    • your MIPCOM badge will be scanned and your photograph will be controlled
    • systematic bag searches and use of metal detectors will be carried out by security staff
    • you will be asked to open and show contents of all packages being brought into the MIPCOM
    • zone
    • Personal suitcases and large packages must be stored at a Left Luggage facility outside of the security perimeter. Please see the Palais map on this document for the closest to you.
    • Identity controls via your MIPCOM badge will be undertaken at all MIPCOM official events outside of the Palais perimeter.

    When heading to appointments or MIPCOM programme events from outside the security perimeter, please allow yourself plenty of time in order to ensure your smooth passage through the checkpoints.

    Once inside the MIPCOM perimeter your movements will be free and unhindered.

  • You don't have your MIPCOM badge yet?

    To collect your badge, please bring your e-ticket, confirmation email or business card.

    Badge pick-up points:

    • Nice Airport Terminal 1 (ground floor as you exit airplane and prior to baggage claim)
    • Hotel Martinez during MIPJunior
    • Hotel Majestic (foyer)
    • Main Registration (next to access point N°1). Please see Palais map
    • Exhibitors can collect badges from the Decorator’s Registration Desk during build-up. This can be found next to access point N°7. Please see Palais map
    • Protocol Guests & Conference Speakers. Please go to access point N°2 (please see Palais map) from where a MIPCOM welcome staff member will personally accompany you to the Protocol Registration desk, just a few metres away.
  • Registration times and dates:


    • Saturday 15 October: 14.00-19.00
    • Sunday 16 October: 9.00-19.00*
    • Monday 17 October: 8.00-19.30
    • Tuesday 18 October: 8.30-19.00
    • Wednesday 19 October: 8.30-19.00
    • Thursday 20 October: 8.30-16.00

    As an exception, the Protocol desk will be open until 21.30 on Sunday to access the "Mata Hari" screening

    Majestic Hotel

    • Saturday 15 October: 14.00-19.00
    • Sunday 16 October: 9.00-21.30
    • Monday 17 October: 8.00-19.30

    Martinez Hotel

    • Friday 14 October: 16.00-19.30
    • Saturday 15 October: 14.00-19.00
    • Sunday 16 October: 8.30-19.00

    Nice Airport Terminal 1

    • Saturday 15 October: 14.00-19.00
    • Sunday 16 October: 9.00-20.00
    • Monday 17 October: 8.00-19.30

    Exhibitors’desk at Decorator Registration

    • Saturday 15 October: 08.00-19.00
    • Sunday 16 October: 8.00-18.00
  • Not yet registered?

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    Four reasons to attend MIPCOM:

    1. Access over 4000 companies from the international TV programming industry

    2. Attend top-level conference sessions, screenings, networking and matchmaking events

    3. Explore new business models, trends and technologies to boost your business

    4. Ensure your company and projects are listed in the MIPCOM Guide and MIPCOM Online Database

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