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    Buyers and Commissioners, MIPCOM 2019


    Buyers and Commissioners

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    Distribution and Production Companies

  • I am a Distributor/Producer

    Take a look both at the investors and top buyers/commissioners attending MIPCOM from across the globe representing fund firms as well as public broadcasters, free/cable/satellite TV, local & international OTT streaming platforms.

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    I am a Buyer/Commissioner/Investor

    Take a look at the world’s leading content creators and distributors joining MIPCOM every October. Review company and executive profiles attending from across the globe.

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  • Buyers and commissioners attending MIPCOM

    Meet the World leading acquisition, co-production and investor exec.
    • TV Content Buyer
    • VOD and Online Buyer
    • Channel Director
    • Chief Content Officer
    • Director of Content

    • Head of Acquisition
    • Head of Original Commissioning
    • Programming Director
    • Head of Development

    • Investor VC
    • Financier

    No. of Buyers & Commissioners by genre

    Drama/Fiction 2469

    Docs & Factual 1975

    Formats 1802

    Kids & Teens 1669

    Music 667

    Sport 642

    Gaming 355

    Publishing 168

    Erotic/Adults 167

    No. Buyers & Commissioners by country

    United States 461

    United Kingdom 450

    France 423

    Germany 359

    Russia 207

    Spain 200

    Italy 193

    China 165

    Japan 149

    Turkey 124

    Canada 120

    India 113

  • Whether you’re selling or producing dramas, kids content, docs or formats, participants at mipcom get the opportuinity to create new connections, build relationships, and meet face to face with those who matter most to their business. With leading acquisition and co-production executives attending from all over the world, MIPCOM is the go-to place to sell your finished programmes, promote your projects, find financing funds and pitch your ideas.
    On top of that, Running for the second edition, through the Production Funding Forum, MIPCOM serves also as a platform for producers & financiers to meet and bring premium content projects to life.

  • Distributors and producers coming at MIPCOM

    Meet the world leading content providers
    • Sales Executive
    • Sales Agent
    • Head of International Sales
    • Licensing Manager
    • Content Sales

    • Head of production
    • Producer
    • Content Creator
    • Executive Producer

    No. of Production Companies by genre

    Drama/Fiction 1275

    Docs & Factual 1076

    Kids & Teens 1022

    Formats 785

    Music 217

    Branded Entmt. 216

    Sport 175

    Gaming 153

    Publishing 126

    News 93

    Erotic/Adults 33

    No. of Distribution Companies by genre

    Drama/Fiction 834

    Kids & Teens 757

    Docs & Factual 706

    Formats 411

    Music 182

    Sport 182

    Branded Entmt. 117

    Gaming 108

    Publishing 69

    News 67

    Erotic/Adults 33

  • With demand for premium content reaching new heights, MIPCOM gathers distributors and producers from across genres and is the go-to place to buy, commission and finance new and premium content. Featuring exceptional facilities, MIPCOM offers all buyers and their guests exclusive access to the MIPCOM Buyers’ Club, a dedicated space for your business meetings. On top of that, through our extensive Conference Programme, mipcom participants are able to tap into the latest trends, sharpen their industry knowledge, find out what is trending and explore new business models.

  • MIP Markets’ Buyers Advisory Boards

    The MIP Markets’ Buyers Advisory Boards are comprised of leading global industry executives with extensive experience in acquisitions, co-productions, and international business development. The Boards support and contribute to the on-going conversation to create a seamless MIP experience to the global content community year after year.

    Drama Buyers Advisory Board

  • Kids Buyers Advisory Board