Networking and Matchmaking

  • Networking in the television and media industry

    Turn every moment into an opportunity

    MIPCOM is the go-to place to forge, enrich and strengthen your business relationships. Creating and maintaining a professional network—whether you’re a distributor, producer, buyer or commissioner—is key to successfully running an international business in a highly competitive environment.

    With MIPCOM as a premier platform, the opportunity to connect with top global executives and maintain the quality of those connections has never been easier!

    Alongside a series of curated networking events, all MIPCOM participants have access to MIPCOM Online Database, a personalized digital portal that helps you to promote yourself and your company, browse through attending participants and companies, send meeting requests, and review the full conference programme.

  • MIPCOM Online Database: Your digital networking tool

    4 easy steps to make the most out of the MIPCOM Online Database

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