│ Claim your VAT refund│

Participants who are non-resident in France can claim a tax refund for certain expenses.

All goods and services in France include 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) (5.5% or 10% in cafés and restaurants) that may be refunded under certain conditions.

Please note that European companies must pay VAT in their home countries to be eligible. Terms and conditions apply.

Refunds may be claimed on

• Registration fees

• Restaurant bills

• Telecommunication charges

• Decoration and services costs

TEVEA International, Reed MIDEM’s official tax representative

TEVEA International is a tax refund specialist that can recover VAT on your behalf.

The progress is simple:

• Register with TEVEA International

• Collect your original invoices

• Send them to TEVEA International

• Receive your refund


│ Contact TEVEA International

You can register online for a VAT refund with TEVEA International. For more information, please contact TEVEA International: mail@tevea.com or +33 1 42 24 96 96. You can also speak to TEVEA International representatives in the Registration Area during the show.

Need assistance to claim a VAT refund?

Contact the Customer Help Desk