│ Business Code of Conduct│

MIPCOM seeks to protect all clients by ensuring that business is conducted in the Palais des Festivals or in zones reserved exclusively for registered customers during market business hours.

Due to recent complaints from our valued clients, we thought it important to restate market policy. Any company, registered or unregistered at MIPCOM, who carries out business related to MIPCOM activities outside the designated exhibition areas (apartments, suites, hotels, restaurants) does so in violation of French Law as well as MIPCOM tradeshow rules. The unfair practice of soliciting potential customers outside of the exhibition area infringes on the goodwill of participants who have legally and in good faith registered for these services.

Important facts to remember

Any commercial activity related to MIPCOM taking place outside of the specified trade show zones is forbidden by law during the market’s business hours.

• Presentations, sales meetings, flyer distribution, etc. qualify as commercial activity.

• MIPCOM sales representatives can help design the right set up for your specific needs within each market.

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