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Digital MIPCOM Week  -  From 12 to 16 October 2020


| From 16 September 2020: 
Update your Profile and Discover the line-up 

| From 5 to 9 October 2020:
Warm Up week

| From 19 October to 17 November 2020:
Follow Up 

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To get the most out of MIPCOM Online+ consult our How to user guides:


| Need specific information?

Contact your dedicated sales representative

VISITORS: write to Matthew Rosenstein 
EXHIBITORS: write to Sylvia Ferreira
BUYERS: write to Yi-Ping Gérard


You can log in using your MIPCOM activation link you have received by email « Complete your MIPCOM Profile ».
You will have to create a password to connect to the platform.

It can take up to 24 hours for your registration details to be available in the web app. If you are still unable to login after this period, contact our helpdesk


Removing your details will mean that you are unable to login or arrange networking opportunities through the platform.

However, if you would like to be removed please send your details to our helpdesk using the subject line “Remove from matchmaking” and we will be happy to remove your details.

Log in to the platform using your login and password > Click on your profile icon > Fill-out the different criteria by simply clicking on the field > Enter your answer and click on " add=" and then click on update preferences.


The first time you login, you have to set a password. The password you have created on your first login applies to all past and future connection.


If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link “Reset password” on the login page > Enter your email address that you have previously logged in with > click “Email me a password reset link” and go to your email inbox.


Once you have opened the email titled “Reset your MIPCOM Online+ password”, click on the reset password button. It will open a new page where you can enter your new password twice and press the “Reset password” button.>



║ MIPCOM Online+ platform


The platform allows you to access industry insights, learn from TV industry leaders, join the  community and share with peers…

Everyone can be recommended as a potential connection to everyone, and everyone can receive recommendations for any profile / products / company, exhibitor, pavilions.

All delegates can be searched for through the online database and can chat (see below)


Buyers / Acquisition Execs.

Your will have access to the conference and screenings programme including the Global UPFRONTS, Keynotes, market screenings, the Korea Country of Honour programme, the MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards and much more.

This year the MIPJunior Screenings Library is included in the MIPCOM programme too.

As Buyers you can book meetings with anyone through the GET IN TOUCH feature.


Sellers / Content Providers

Companies interested in promoting their brand and content can book a Virtual Exhibitor Page on the online platform MIPCOM Online+. 
The platform also provides an enhanced database that will allow users to set up highly targeted, video business meetings between distributors, producers, buyers and all international delegates.

To enable the chat option, you will need to either: 

Option 1: Have a confirmed meeting with someone will allow you to start chatting with him or her.

Option 2: Have mutual interest in each other using the "interest=" tool. Having a mutual interest using the interest tool will allow you to start chatting. Show interest in someone and wait for him or her to show interest in you too. Once they show interest in you too, you will receive a notification and the option to chat with them will be available to you. Then, click on the chat icon to open a chat window. 

Once the meeting is accepted, the Virtual Meeting Room button will appear (if it’s pending or cancelled the Virtual Room won’t be available).

The Virtual Meeting Room button will be clickable 5 mins before the scheduled call.

Once you click on the Virtual Meeting Room button, you’ll be directed to your virtual meeting room.

You can go in and out of the Virtual Meeting Room within your scheduled meeting time, however, once the meeting time has expired you won’t be able to access your Virtual Meeting Room. Meeting duration is not limited.

You will be able to share your screen, but you will be unable to record your meeting.

One you are in the MIPCOM Online+ platform, you can click on Event Agenda on the left and access the unmissable line-up to bookmark or play the sessions.

This year and for the first time, key events like the MIPCOM Diversify TV excellence awards ceremony will be presented in a live. Schedule your agenda not to miss its !

Once you are in the MIPCOM Online+ platform, you can click on Event Agenda on the left and access the unmissable line-up to bookmark TV content. Then play your playlist through a dedicated secured screenings library.


The MIPJunior Screenings Library provides the same services as onsite during the show in Cannes.  Distributors and producers will receive feedback on who has viewed their content so they can connect and follow up with them.


To access the MIPJunior Screenings Library, go to the following link https://screenings.my-mip.com/


The login & password to access the platform are the ones you used to access the MIPCOM Online+ platform. If you are experiencing problems, do not hesitate to contact Charlene.hoube@reedmidem.com

Starting October 7, MIPCOM delegates will have access to a selection of the series from CANNESERIES Official Competition and the Short Form Competition. Each series will be available 1 hour after its live screening in Lumière Theater. (Palais des Festivals et des Congrès).

You should receive your access on October 7.

║ Best practices for an optimal experience

| Make sure you have a good internet connection.

| Edit your profile to be considered as a qualified attendee.

| Indicate your available meetings slots.

| Answer your meeting requests to create connections.

| Test the platform before the MIPCOM week to be ready for your Virtual Meetings.

| Make sure to block the meetings slots on your daily schedule.

| Make sure your PC camera is working and you will not be interrupted during your meeting by ambiant noise.

| Prepare in a dedicated folder all the documents (Video, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) you want to share during your meetings. They should be open and ready to share.